And the Journey continues in the Land of Venus, The Land of Copper and Love. [Cyprus, Κύπρος, Kibris]


Love from the Diary



This page is dedicated to journey in the Land of Venus Cyprus here you can find the chronicle of the Diary's Journey in Cyprus from the day the Messenger Efi Andrianou took the Diary in Cyprus to distribute it to the Cypriot artists. Efi Andrianou delivered the Diary to Sevcan Cerkez marking a milestone for the Journey as the chapter of Sevcan closes the second floor of the City of Gold and opens a new one the first floor and last on the list with 13 artists from Cyprus.

Ever since Halkios has set foot on Cyprus soil, traveling from Village to Village meeting art, people and places, learning about their history, meeting Artists, asking them to place their Memories and Dreams as well in the last page of the Diary of an Angel.


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