"Ketem"- 1 Act Opera by composer Aviram Freiberg (b. 1969) and librettist Ronen Moldovan (b. 1969). Directed by Aryeh Eldar, stage and costumes design by Hamutal Ziulkovsky (supervised by Rakefet Levy), Ya'el Ben-Haim: makeup artist. The opera was preformed 5 times. The premier took place on 23.11.07 This tape is from the 24.11.07 performance. One video contains highlights from a professional DVD filmed in a live performance performed in Levontin 7 venue in the city of Tel-Aviv at the end of December 2007.

"Ketem" was performed also in "Kfar Bloom" (the international chamber music festival on 26.7.08)

"Ketem"- 1 Act Opera by composer Aviram Freiberg  and librettist Ronen Moldovan


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"Ketem" (Stain), a story within a story, made up of prologue, three scenes, and epilogue, is based on a short story by Ronen Moldovan. It takes place on New Year's Eve of the year 2000, in the hospital where Yoni, who has been in a comma for over ten years, is being cared for.Now that all secrets are revealed, Yoni chooses to die, thinking his death will transform the lives of those around him for the better. But his sacrifice is in vain. None of them is willing to take responsibility for their lives. They continue living lies.
At the end David is back at his desk, continuing to read from the story he has written. Abigail, Assi, and Yoni (who is supposed to be dead) enter.
Was the entire story fiction?

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