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Jill Cram, known to her readers and writer friends as Grace Spacey and Inner Beauty has been writing poetry since she was a small girl. Her first award for poetry came when she was in 7th grade when she tied for third place in the Iowa Poetry Day Contest (USA). She wrote poetry through her school and college years but stopped penning poetry following her marriage to a man who discouraged her from writing. From 1981-2006, she did not write a single poem. In March 2007, she began writing poetry in an online journal on MySpace as a way of coping with an unwelcome divorce, the departure of her sons to college and the Navy and the fading health (and subsequent deaths) of both of her parents. Her poetic free verse embraced the common humanity of failed marriage, budding romance, longing, sorrow, hope and love. Her accessible style appealed to many and soon she had a sizable following of loyal subscribers to her blog. From early 2007 until late 2009, her journal evolved into a near-daily multi-media blog known as Poetry of Inner Beauty: Soul Ink of an Insomniac. By late 2007, her blog was frequently rated in the daily top 10 Most Read in the Writing and Poetry category of MySpace blogs and received over 200,000 views. Off-line, she is not as well known or read, however her award-winning poem “I Miss Love” was published in 2008 in the poetry anthology, Between Life and Language: Pride in Poetry, Vol. I (NavWorks Publishing, USA) and “Rubies and Pearls” was published in the small, but prestigious annual arts magazine, 2010 Cedar Valley Divide. (Kirkwood CC, USA) Today, Jill is adjusting to a single independent life without a husband or children at home, so she does not have the time to write as much as she would like to, but she still participates in the special projects of her writer friends. Most recently, she has been involved in her most rewarding writing endeavor to date, a international peace through poetry project, “The Diary of an Angel” which was the brainchild of Greek poet and artist, Halkios Kypros. This hand tooled leather bound volume of poetry, when completed, will contain the handwritten poems, art and thoughts of 91 different poets from around the globe, demonstrating through poetry, that the truths that make us one people are universal.



April Fool

The Storm of Love


Graphic Poems 



Her poem about Love

the heaving hole

left behind when it departs

reminds us we need



to feel human

we need love to feel




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