Mary and Francis when they started their Journey with the Thunderbuss



About Francis

Francis Young was born in St. Louis, Missouri on 23rd of February, 1948. He was the olderst of his Mother's five children. His childhood was spent split between his Mother who resided in Rolla Missouri and his Grandparents who resided in St. Louis. He was a member of the marching band (playing the coronet) and a member of the football team. He was also a member of the Civil Air Patrol.

After High School he joined the U. S, Navy, and became a boiler technician. During his 21 plus years in the Navy, he traveled all around the world. He was in during the Viet Nam War and served both on ships off the coast of Nam but also two times he served on land there doing River Boat duty. He did two Meditteranean Cruises, one Carribbean Cruise, and six Western Pacific Cruises during his time in. 

He met and married Sue Ann Hill while he was in the military and was married to her for 28 years. Sue Ann was a talented pianist who used this talent to play piano in several churches along the way. They had one daughter and when he got out of the Navy they moved to her home town of Birmingham, Alabama. After he left the military, Francis worked in the industrial maintenance field at several companies and at one time owned his own tree trimming/lawn maintenance company. 

Sadly, Sue Ann passed away in 2008. During the grieving period, he became online friends with Mary and over time this developed into a love. They were married in May of 2009. This was also the time when he was retiring, and his interest in photography and travel re-emerged. 

He jumped at the chance to take the Diary of An Angel around the United States with Mary and meet the artists that were involved in this project. His ramble started out in January of 2010, when with Mary they took their camper towards Florida, until they met the first american of their Journey in March, 2010. As Mary does not drive, it was solely his responsibility to drive the Thunderbuss from place to place, angel to angel. It has afforded him the opportunity to meet so many talented people, many of which are now his dear friends, and a chance to delve more into his hobby of photography. He also has had the opportunity to fish in quite a few states, a hobby he has always loved.

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