The River Of Gold


The glimpse of you


Thousand years ago, you and I;

in a red mist, in a hollow place

in the midst of change and with tender smile on your face,

your sandaled feet safe on the ground,

your wings wide spread and unbound

a glimpse of you,  gave me life,

a chore and a reason,

I can hear, yes; the sound,

of your velvet voice, when you whisper

of what I should pursue, behind that veil,

that surrounds my sleepless mind,

as once I’ve shred it and pass through

I’ll be free, leaving all the grief, behind

As the years passed, together you and I;

We saw human greed, and savage acts on nature’s being

On the planes of hard soil we’ve walked,

We then we saw sand castles on shores, washed

your wings maybe now closed and weak

but I was safe inside, Please, don’t go

You are my guardian, my teacher,

The glimpse of you, kept me alive;

My wings spread and unbound,

My sandaled feet safe on the ground

The silent whimper of my heart will now fade away, once I see you fly again

You are my raven and I, your copper child.



Halkios (c)


Its color is violet. Its name is River of Gold. It is the first plane  of the sacred city, bathed in the hues of violet. They are 13 gates in this plane, all leading to 13 different realms through a passage.

The River of Gold


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Copyright  © 5764  / 2004. All Rights reserved to the concepts, writings, poetry, photography and video art by Halkios. All thoughts sealed long ago in a contract with the universe. No recreation of these scrolls, in any shape or means of force, is tolerable without articulate consent of the intrepid architect.