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Yvon J. Cormier works in Connecticut as a freelance writer and where there's work to be found. He spends most of his time with his daughter Anais. He writes from an insatiable nomadic intelligence which obsesses over what is unsaid and the seemingly invisible aspects of daily life. His work is rooted in drawing life pictures where words owe a greater debt to what they represent rather than the reverse.

Notes from Mary Young

Yvon J. Cormier is an Angel I was not very familiar with. My bad. A charming man with a list of talents so long that I know I will leave a few out. A charming man with an intense passion that permeates his very being. We met Yvon at the Kasbah Garden Cafe, a small Moroccan Middle Eastern coffee shop that had a lovely garden in New Haven CT. Over coffee, we shared a bit of ourselves. Yvon is fascinating. A man who is raising a daughter with special needs along with his wife Christine. He lights up when he speaks of Anais and the miracle of her existence. When he speaks of being a parent, there is no doubt that it is one job he wants to do right more than anything he has ever done before, but there is still enough passion in him to want to do and create more at the same time.Yvon Cormier and The Diary of an Angel

He is a poet, a freelance reporter, an educator, and has been an event promoter & organizer, and many other things in his life. However, I got the distinct impression that being a Father has colored his soul. His people, on his father's side, Acadians, came to the U.S. via Canada from Marce France. A rich family history has also colored his heart. His mother's family came from Sweden and Illinois. Though we had never met before, within minutes the Diary had done it's work and Francis and I felt we were meeting a nephew we had not met before or maybe a younger brother. We did not meet with his daughter Anais or his wife Christine, but we know this was one poet we would look forward to meeting again


Mary & Francis Young

for the Diary of an Angel | The Thunderbuss Journey

"This was a special occasion and not enough time had with Mary & Francis. They are wonderful selfless people my own mother and father would have had as friends for life. Hand wrote from 11pm-3:30am to fill my spot" 


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