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Message from Dave

"I was born on the 4th of January, 1950 in Detroit, Michigan USA and spent my first 18 years there. I joined the U.S. Army in 1968 and spent thirteen months and nine days in Vietnam. Those days I do not remember fondly and try to block them from my mind. I wrote my first poem while in Vietnam and have been writing poems and short stories ever since.

I met and married my wife of 41 years in 1970. We have never been apart since. We have lived in the Pacific Northwest of the United States since our marriage. It has the most beautiful scenery; from the mountains to the oceans. I cannot imagine living anywhere else. I have two daughters and 4 grandchildren. My oldest daughter has written and published 3 novels and is working on her 4th

am a Nissan automobile mechanic and have been since 1975. I have not been very successful in any of my adventures in life but this has always caused me to try harder to achieve my ultimate goals. I am not a published writer, but that would be a great achievement for me. 

The reasons that I write are simple. It gives me pleasure and a release of stress. But the main reasons I write are to try to make the better place for all of us. I try to incorporate in my writes, things that will cause the readers to think; to make the stop and contemplate what they and all of us are doing to our planet, other animals and other humans. If we can get people to open their eyes to the problems of the world then there can be change for the better.  One other reason that I write is to try to bring humor and joy back into the lives of those that read my writes. If I can bring out smiles and laughter then I am satisfied. Well, that is about all there is of me.

 The Diary of An Angel arrived in Vancouver, WA, on the 7th of September, 2011 with the Thunderbuss, delivered to me by its Messengers, Mary and Francis Young. On the 12th of September I reluctantly returned the Diary back into the loving hands of Mary and Francis so that it may continue on its journey and fulfill the mission Halkios assigned it. I spent the first night reading and enjoying the many delights it held within its covers. I did not sleep that night and the morning after I went to work, all day thinking about it and what I should place on its pages. I hope that I did it justice. My dark purple feather quill arrived on Friday the 8th of September, Perfect timing! Halkios, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this. Mary and Francis, thank you for being the deliverers and for being so dedicated to this endeavor."


As I Pass by Dave Coon


(For my Love, My life, My Wife)

(I wrote this for my wife and instructed my daughter

 to read it to her after my death; I hope it is not too long)


Adrift through mindless voids of delirium,

cohesive consciousness flitters on the edge of sight

Your image hovers in halos, backlit in florescent,

as it changes in varying arrays and guise within my mind's eye.

Flashes of youth, joy, anger and sadness, 

merge and blend into the face; today's face ... 

mature, tender, wise.




No longer do I worry about aging

or the swift passage of time.

Processes that could not be halted

no matter how I had tried. They now stand 

in the past and beyond coercion 

Icons of a different life.




The once golden sun's tempered fires, 

flicker red and orange in the horizon's dimming gray haze,

as the sunset of life draws near.

Memories of joy; there are many.

Of regret; there are but a few.

The ones that stand out most in my mind

flare into painful view. 




Did I tell you enough times 

how much I loved you 

and about the happiness 

you have given me?

Did I ever thank you for giving your all, 

for putting aside the goals you had formed 

before our lives became entwined?




How I ache to be able to tell you now,

before I go on ahead,

but words cannot be formed.

As I pass I see your face and I know

you already know.




A great joy overwhelms me,

as peace fills my drained carriage of life.

I take with me my last image of you,

my guiding light in this life and the next.




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