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mary ann600


About Maryann

Show her a crescent moon, a sky full of stars, or a sunrise and she is in heaven. Maryann truly enjoys the simple things that life has to offer. She loves meeting new people and listening to their stories. Her idea of a perfect day is listening to some jazz, walking on the beach, taking some great pictures or perhaps reading a good book … the only substitution she would consider would be sharing her day with somebody extraordinary. Maryann was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; she grew up in the Ohio Valley, and has lived in North Carolina for a large portion of her life. She lived in Frankfurt, Germany for four years during the time when the Berlin Wall came down. Living in Europe was a wonderful experience; she traveled to Czechoslovakia several times, Switzerland, Austria and all over Germany. She learned so much about other cultures. Maryann has two older sisters and one younger brother who reside in Ohio to this day. She has always been the creative one in her family. She has worked as a hair stylist and a skin care professional for over twenty years, and ran her own daycare for seven years. Maryann enjoys being outdoors amongst nature. She loves animals, children, cooking, and great conversation. Expression in all forms motivates Maryann, but her passions are her writing, photography, poetry and painting. She finds writing poetry to be very liberating, she can release her thoughts, hopes and dreams and it brings her peace. When she writes, she would like the reader to escape with her, if only for a brief time. Imagery and storytelling are important to her, and she looks forward to people reading and sensing some type of emotion through the experience.


Maryann's Art




Her Work in Myspace

Maryann Corrigan was doing a blog challenge each Wednesday, called Dreamweaver Wednesday collaborating with Bryan A. Cassey, who later on, almost after a year, became the Love of her life and part of the Diary. I told her about my dream to create a Diary, that was to be sent to 91 individuals and she welcomed and greet the idea with great enthusiasm. She kept in contact with me helping me get in touch with all the other writers whom she knew and as we were all almost common friends, in blogs, comments and collaborations; she never stopped inviting everyone to support the venture. We decided that it would be also great to send each other feather pen, with which the writers, poets and lyricists or even musicians and writers would add their art in the pages of this book. She received her feather pen from me, a Blue peacock feather quill and I received from her a Red Goose Quill.

In July of 2009 Maryann traveled across country and moved to California. Maryann has loved traveling throughout the area. She enjoys attending concerts at The Hollywood Bowl, making some great friends, capturing wonderful images with her camera. Maryann has one son 30, who resides in Maryland. She currently resides in a small seaside town in CA, with her fiancé Bryan and his two teenage sons. In the last year Maryann has battled breast cancer. She has almost completed her treatment and believes going through this past year has truly helped her to grow as a person. Bryan has been by her side every step of the way and she is eternally grateful for that. Maryann is currently working on compiling two books. One is a book about her experience with Cancer; it will be drawn from her experiences through the journey of cancer, things that can happen along the way and geared toward helping others if they should ever cross the same path. The other book will be co-written with her son Jason Corrigan and will touch on growing up in the south, teenage issues and how parents can cope with a wrench being thrown into their child’s life and there own. Maryann has been published in Blue Turtle Crossing several times and in the The Diary of an Angel project. She is currently working on and has been featured as a writer in INBEAT LIFE JOURNEY BOOKS INITIATIVE.


© All rights reserved to the poetry and writings by  Maryann Corrigan aka Why I Otter




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