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About Colleen Keller Breuning

Words and music have enchanted Colleen Keller Breuning her entire life.  She was born and raised near the mountains of western Maryland, where she was surrounded by a large family and diverse music, everything from The Beatles to classical music. 

Colleen is a woman of many talents. She obtained her BBA in Human Resource Management from Florida Atlantic University, and she has worked in the accounting and medical fields over the years in a variety of positions.

Colleen and her husband resided in South Florida for 24 years, where they raised their two children.  In 2012, they packed up their two cats and made a long distance move to northern Virginia, where they plan to spend their golden years with the deer, fox and birds in their backyard.  Colleen enjoys running, yoga, kickboxing, music, biking, cats, cooking, traveling, hockey, birds, fine wine and chocolate (but not necessarily in that order).  She is absolutely obsessed with sunsets.  In fact, she has been known to hop out of cars to snap pictures of the sunset, and she even plans her vacation dinners around them.  Needless to say, she has a hard drive full of sunset photographs!


She is a poet, nature photographer and published author, her work appearing in various online journals and print publications over the years.  Her debut book of poetry, “Shadows of My Father,” was published in 2011 and dedicated to the memory of her father.  It was his death in 2003 that inspired her return to writing poetry, and it proved to be a great source of healing for her.  She is working on a second book of poetry, and plans to collaborate with her son on book about their life journeys from dual perspectives.  She is learning acoustic guitar with the goal of writing music to accompany the song lyrics she has written.  Colleen is also the owner and editor of Blue Turtle Crossing, an online poetry and photography publication.


Her fine art photography is displayed and available for purchase on and in Flickr.

Video Poems


The Diary of an Angel

It was such an honor for Colleen to be included in the Diary of an Angel.  The Diary was hand delivered by Mary and Francis Young to her at home in Florida, where they were able to visit and have lunch together.  Mary also presented her with a baby blue feather quill.  Colleen was mesmerized reading all of the Angels’ poetry and taking in the artwork and music.  The weight of the book in her hands, the smell of the leather, the sight of each artist’s handwriting…. it was such an uplifting experience!  Equally heartwarming was how her cats reacted to the presence of the Diary.  They both loved to curl up beside the Diary and take naps, resting their furry heads on the fabric cover.  It was an absolute delight!


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