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About Robert

Robert Mitchell is 57 years old, he was born in South Africa and has lived there all of his life, he has been an engineer and worked in finance the majority of his life. His mother resides in Johannesburg, SA. His father past away at an early age. He is divorced. He resides in Cape Town, South Africa. Robert is the father of two daughters and one son and a grandfather to a beautiful new grandson.The Diary of an Angel by Rob and his feather pen Robert has been influenced mainly by spirituality in his life, he loves to travel whether it is a safari, visiting many of the islands or traipsing through the Holy Land. A lot of his works are fantasy, love poetry, and pieces that dwell on history. He has written many short stories and is also an artist in charcoal and ink. Some of his artwork on charcoal was used for backround graphics for the Halkoem "January Song" ft. Maryann Corrigan's Poetry and Music by David Gray. Robert has a unique sense of humor and applies this to a lot of his pieces he has written. It has been his pleasure to be a part of “The Diary of an Angel”



Unconditional Love by Rob Mitchell


Love cherishes the person you are as you find your own unique way to relate to the world. It honours your choices to learn in the paths you feel are right for you. Love wants you to be the person you want to be and not the person others think you should be. I realize I cannot know what is best for you as I have not been where you have been, viewing life from your angle. I do not know what you have chosen to learn, how you have chosen to learn it, with whom or in what time period. I have not walked life looking through your eyes, so who am I to know what you need. I respect your right to be in this world and see no error in the things you say and do. In this place where I am, I see many ways to perceive and experience the facets of our world. I make no judgement of the choices you make in each moment, for if I would deny your right to evolution, then I would deny that right for myself. I respect your sacred right of free will to walk your own path, creating steps or to sit awhile if that is what is right for you. I will make no judgment that these steps are large or small, nor light or heavy or that they lead up or down, for this is just my viewpoint. I may see you do nothing and judge it to be unworthy… yet it may be that you bring healing, as you stand blessed by the Light of God. I cannot always see the higher picture of Divine order. In humility I bow to the realization that the way I see as best for me does not have to mean it is also right for you. I know that you are led as I am, following the inner excitement to know your own path. To those who would choose a way I cannot walk, whilst I may not choose to add my energy, I will never deny you the gift of love that God has bestowed upon all creation. As I love you, so shall I be loved; As I sow, so shall I also reap;




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