Unique Art Project “The Diary of an Angel Journey” 

A manuscript; a global collaboration of 91 artists concludes a five year journey. International publication will follow presentation to the Cypriot art world.
Launch location, date: Hartshill, Warwickshire United Kingdom, the 21st of June 2013.

The project is one of a kind, a very unique art form in itself. It is a highly original concept, both abstract and concrete. It is genuine and enlightening. It is an art book, a manuscript, a valuable collection of images, sound and music, of poetry and prose. It is a documentary which gives both contributor and artists the ability to communicate and revaluate their beliefs on human collaboration and vision. It has travelled around the world for five years, and so far 73 Artists have written inside, placing their memories and dreams in the art form they represent. This includes poets, musicians, painters, spoken word artists, writers, lyricists, composers, singers, artisans, photographers, video artists, copywriters, radio presenters, video editors, a bell chimer and a luthier (lute/bouzouki maker). (For more please visit The Diary of an Angel.) 
The Diary of an Angel combines the ancient and the modern; it also explores the concepts of individuality and universality. The art dedicated to this project is already much more that the leather bound pages of the book that it revolves around. It grew like a human child who has almost passed through adolescence and is waiting for his/her rite of passage. The Diary will remind people of the importance of keeping conventional art alive and available, and that technology is here to serve us and not us to serve technology. – Whereas a button can delete blogs and the works of thousand artists, dismissing the passion and work they had put into both physical and mentally, a Diary, or a painting can keep word and art and sheets of music for much longer. It is tangible and permanent. Keeping the balance between the two worlds is essential for humankind to come into peace with their needs both physical and spiritual.
Art is an expression of honesty and freedom, the Diary being a manuscript expresses itself without fear of being copied, pasted dragged and dropped. First and foremost most its importance lies in its message. It has been written to spread the message of unconditional love and friendship.

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Copyright  © 5764  / 2004. All Rights reserved to the concepts, writings, poetry, photography and video art by Halkios. All thoughts sealed long ago in a contract with the universe. No recreation of these scrolls, in any shape or means of force, is tolerable without articulate consent of the intrepid architect.