Collecting the images, binding them with poetry;  addressing always to the soul, vibrating through Music, I expressed myself experimenting with Video Art and I called my video/video poems Halkoems. And as soon as the galleries of the images I had collected became a few, as they have formed the frames of a larger picture, became my Story and along with smaller individual ones, my expression, the world I lived in, ever since.

The Angel’s Nest. The home of a Child made of Copper.

Containg poetry of mine and some time poetry of my friends, here is a summary of what I have gathered in 5 years of continuous dedication and reasearch, to the Spirit and the Inspiration, The Painting and The House and to the work of my artists friends and aquintances have given me from around the world.

They are divided in Four Categories.




(2007-06-16)  The Strangler Fig ft. Antony Hitchin

(2007-06-19) The Walls of Creation

(2007-07-10 ) The Gallery ft. Lana Deym Campbell

(2007-07-22) The Wolf

(2007-08-12) A door in the Floor ft. Susan Morgan Bosler

(2007-08-15) Oxymora -  Doves of Love

(2007-09-20) The Gallery DVD Q

(2007-10-09) Trapped Map

(2007-11-04) The Rainbow's Soul

(2007-11-21) The Precis of the Past

(2007-11-29) The Battle

(2007-12-01) I think I can ft. PRT

(2008-01-03) There is always hope ft. Bryan Cassey

(2008-03-11) The Rain Song  ft. Valentine deFrancis

(2008-03-23) The Four Receptionists

(2008-04-05) Spring Deeds

(2008-04-06) Summer Deeds

 (2008-06-02) Halkowood

(2008-06-03) Halkowood & ext. Version

(2008-11-06) Another Land & Seahorse Theme OV

(2009-01-06) all my relations

(2009-05-31)  all my relations

(2009-07-05) Esperanza Dream

(2009-11-03) The Red Turtle

(2010-07-21) Celestial Reasoning

(2010-08-29) Tangerine Dream Nancy Lee's Video

(2010-09-16) Colors of Peach Tricking the Reaper

(2010-09-20Looking for a sign



(2007-05-01) Dancing Spoon

(2007-05-01) Dusk till Dawn  ft. Mary Margaret Schell

(2007-05-09) Three Serpent Angels 

(2007-05-30) The Story of Shahar

(2007-06-04) The Train to Heaven (the most alone)

(2007-07-29) The Golden City

(2007-08-28)  The Nymph of the Midnight Sky

(2007-08-28)  The Rebirth of Shahar

(2007-09-13) Dusk till dawn ft. Mary Margaret Schell

(2007-09-28) True Love Never Dies

(2007-10-24) Prince of the Moon OV

(2007-12-05)  Behind The Veil I & II

(2008-02-12) The Story of Shahar (extended) Athens Festival

(2008-02-15) The Golden City (Athens Festival)

(2008-03-13) The Red Dawn

(2008-04-28) The Lightbearers

(2008-05-14) Stars Shower Survey ft. MaryAnn

(2008-11-15) Thousand Violins & a Trilogy

(2009-07-15) Safe by Your Side

(2009-12-13) Tears of an Angel

(2010-05-06) Mandala




(2007-06-12) The Painting

(2007-07-08) Resipiscence

(2007-07-14) The Brick

(2007-08-03) Aketa | The 8th Sin

(2007-08-27) Aketa's Sonnet DVD Q

(2007-08-06) The Scarlet Rose

(2007-08-27) The Scarlet Rose DVD Q

(2007-08-31) The Brick DVD Q

(2007-09-02) The Burning Sword

(2007-09-19) Butterfly Trixy ft. Stacy Welch

(2007-12-22) Silence of the Night

(2008-01-18) The Stage

(2008-02-02) Prayer to My Angel

(2008-02-09) The Angel's Nest

(2008-02-28) Prolegomena

(2008-03-01) Never Mine (passion seduction)

(2008-03-13) Dances ft.

(2008-04-01) April Fool ft. Inner Beauty

(2008-04-08) Truth

(2008-04-10) Alba is a Psy Chick ft. Alba

(2008-04-10) Jazz Night

(2008-05-09) Broken Art

(2008-07-05) Beach People ft. Valentine deFrancis 

(2008-08-14) The Making of Jill

(2008-10-27) Harmony Pub | The Legacy


(2009-05-30) Silent Journey ft. Eric Bjarnason

(2009-06-01) The Land of the Invisible

(2009-10-05) Prospect aspect concept

(2009-11-01) The Land of the Fallen

(2009-11-02) The Fountain of the Land of the Fallen

(2010-02-19) The Purpose of my Life

(2010-04-17) Praying for the Rain

(2010-06-14) 28 days

(2010-06-27) The Place

(2010-08-07) Lover's Nocturne

(2010-10-20) Shades of Summer Twillight - Angel and Man




(2005-10-25 ) My Love (first Halkoem Idea)

(2007-06-01) The Blue Moon

(2007-07-10) My Favorite Tango

(2007-07-15) Tet a Tet ft. Mc

(2007-07-21) Face a la Mer ft. Mer

(2007-08-05) Romeo and Mona

(2007-08-31) Sex Drugs and Love

(2007-09-14) Satin Skin Orchid and a Butterfly ft. 

(2007-09-17) Full Moon's Round Table ft. PRT

(2007-10-16) The Absence of Love

(2007-11-08) Sex Drugs & Love Ver. 2

(2007-11-18) The Moonrose

(2008-01-20) These Lips of Mine ft.

(2008-02-02) Whispers of Love

(2008-02-03) The Storm of Love

(2008-02-09) M's Bliss ft. Cheryl Darr

(2008-03-09) It was in Paris VO

(2008-03-13) Lover's Kiss (dedicated to Maryann Corrigan)

(2008-04-25) The OM

(2008-05-02) Where The Island Glow

(2008-05-07) The Moonrose

(2008-05-19) Stars Gazing ft. PRT

(2008-05-21) Pristina - The Moon Walks Part II

(2008-06-14) January Song

(2008-06-26) One Snowy Night

(2008-09-07) Tennessee Walls

(2008-10-18) The Absence of Love Version II

(2008-11-04) Sauterne Wine & Two Lips

(2008-12-16) Pristina Halkoem

(2009-02-16) Dahlia's Sun Garden

(2009-08-10 Dice to ashes

(2009-08-21my last poem to you

(2007-08-31) Sex Drugs and Love (new extended V.)



Copyright  © 5764  / 2004. All Rights reserved to the concepts, writings, poetry, photography and video art by Halkios. All thoughts sealed long ago in a contract with the universe. No recreation of these scrolls, in any shape or means of force, is tolerable without articulate consent of the intrepid architect.