The Maze by Lana Deym Campbell

About Lana

Lana is a fine art painter and writer. Lana was born Countess Svietlana Deym von Stritez, scion of a feudal Austrian family recorded in the Gotha Almanac since the 13th Century, a part of the Habsburg Empire. The Deyms were known as Austrian Ambassadors, artists and art supporters of many greats throughout history, including Beethoven and Mozart. Her uncle Rene d’Harnoncourt was Director of MOMA. Her cousin Anne d’Harnoncourt was Director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art until her recent death in ‘08. Lana’s artistic family was a large influence on her art. Another influence was her exposure to many cultures and languages, as she grew up in South America and later lived in Germany, Austria, and London. An early inspiration was Salvador Dali, who upon meeting her in Cadaques, Spain in the summer of 1970, called her “one of the most talented persons he had ever met.” 

Lana pursued art education in 1978 from the National Academy of Fine Arts, NYC, where she studied anatomy, drawing and painting under the foremost social realist painter of the USA, Harvey Dinnerstein, and other notable painters, such as Colleen Browning and Serge Hollenbach. She excelled at the Academy, winning the Dr. Ralph Weiler Prize and the William Auerbach-Levy Prize, judged by known artists & critics. Her painting was featured on the cover of the Academy’s annual publication in 1978. She studied Old Masters in Florence Italy. She is an avid devotee of philosophy as well as advances in science, physics.



Lana has written four novels. William Morrow bid on “Forever Freaky,” a roman a clef. She has published poetry in several anthologies and for ETC, the General Semantics Quarterly Review magazine. She has won poetry awards online. Recently her essay "Word's Influence on Art and Artists through the Centuries" was published by the General Semantics annual Yearbook No. 76. Lana won RI International Film Festival Scriptbiz in 2006 pitching a film treatment. Her feature film script, “Poison’s Phantom” is currently listed at In RI, she practices Kung Fu, meditation and has been an activist for social causes and the environment.



The Gallery ft. dZihan & Kamien, Lana Deym Campbell


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a Halkoem ft. the Art work of Lana Deym Campbell

Music "Homebase" by dZihan & Kamien

Video Art animation based on Lana's Art

Poetry by Lana Deym Campbell

Epilogue by Halkios


In New York Lana exhibited at the National Academy of Fine Art and the National Arts Club. In Rhode Island her work has been represented by Lenore Gray and has been shown by the Bert Gallery, the Pawtucket Arts Center, the Newport Art Museum, the Z Gallery and other venues. Recently her paintings were featured in the Southern New England Film Art and Music Festival, SENE. She has been auctioned online at Sotheby’s, NYC, where she is represented by Keisha Hayle, of the Kish Galleries in NYC. She has a very large online following of her paintings at She has also shown her work in Europe at Schloss Kaps, Kitzbuhel.imglanadeym05



Borden Stevenson, son of the famous Adelai Stevenson, Idaho The Kish Galleries, New York City; Keisha Hayle curator Lady Alexandra Hay, London Harrison & Debbie Condit, Rhode Island The collection of the late Michael Alexander, London Countess Astrid Lamberg, Kitzbuhel, Austria and Germany Law Offices of Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman, New York City Gilbert Videau, Paris and New York City The late Tana Matisse collection, NY City


Her Vision

“I look for links, clues and connections between the visible and the invisible worlds via physics, nature, philosophy, and psychology. I seek to find the inspiring, poetic or philosophical thought that may be suggested by an aspect of a landscape, a person, wildlife or cityscape. While I work with representational images to evoke powerful emotions, I am an intellectual in that I symbolize meanings beyond the physical that relate and give psychological, philosophical or spiritual insight to our lives, akin to the tradition of ancient Chinese philosophers when they contemplated nature. My aim is the unity and integration of shapes, colors, light and ideas into visual melody, to mesh the transcendental with our reality, to bridge the spiritual, to show the wonder in our daily lives. Fine art is visual poetry.”


Works of Lana Deym Campbell


Lana in Absolute Arts

Lana in Passion for Art

The Gallery (Halkoem)



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Lana Deym Campbell Portrait


Lana Deym Campbell (self portrait)


It was such a delight to read all the amazing poems and hear the CD...what an exciting experience! We had lunch, went to the Providence Athenaeum to hear a recital of E. A. Poe's work. Today we hung out at a beautiful park. They are great - so dear!"

Lana,  10th of October, 2010


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