Chapter LXVIII


"But lo, Thou requirest truth in the inward parts:

and shalt make me to understand wisdom secretly."

Miserere (Allegri)


Room 203

 Passage: Rosie | Morning In Hereford


Alex Weaver received the Diary of an Angel from Julian Daffern on the 3rd of February, 2013. He placed his Memories and Dreams in the Diary in Hereford and passed it on to Rosie Daffern. His chapter is Chapter LXVIII (68th). The passage Morning in Hereford leads to room 203 of the second floor Abyss of the City of Gold, which he watches over. His color is blue, so he received a blue goose quill from Halkios.


Opening the Door

Alex's Door  will give you access to his biography and it will open when the Diary reaches in the Medieval Kantara Castle. You can find more about the official campaign of the Diary of an Angel and about the journey in Cyprus called Odoiporiko (Οδοιπορικό) by clicking on Connect and Collaborate, on the left. Beyond the door below you will find about the artist and his works and his relation with the project.

Alex's Door

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