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Mary Young was born in Mobile, Alabama on the 23rd August, 1956. She spent her first year living in a small backwater community called Eight Mile Alabama in a small house located on Dog River. Her birth mother died when she was a little over one year of age, and she was adopted shortly afterwards by a couple who had three older children. She was an avid reader from a young age, and a writer but this was not encouraged in her youth. Her parents died when she was in her early teens, coloring much of her teen years and young adulthood. Shortly after graduating high school, she traveled across the country to California and back. It was this time that fueled her love of travel, though this early trip was done on a shoe string budget. At twenty, she became a mother of a baby girl, When her daughter was two she joined the U. S. Army and served in Missouri, Texas, and Massachusetts. During this time, single mothers were not encouraged in the U.S. Army but she persevered for her hitch, and had an interesting time while in. After the Army, she got married and was a Marine's wife for numerous years. She would tell you, she found being a military wife much harder than being a soldier. During this time she developed epilepsy and had to learn to deal with this disease and the inablity to drive. After her divorce, it was a struggle to provide for her and her daughter, but after a few difficult years, she landed a position with the Social Security Administration and worked there for quite a few years. She was one of the people who introduced the National 800 number that is still used by Social Security today. In the early 90's, her health took a turn that forced her to retire early. She also became a grandmother to three children. She remarried about this time, sadly this marriage lasted only eight years. After her divorce, she started exploring the internet and in 1999 she discovered Myspace. It was here, her love of writing was renewed, and where she met many others with a love of poetry. 

She chose to use the name Mary Ska. She was published in several online magazines, and joined several poetry groups through Myspace. Eventually she became a host of a page that was part of The Legacy Writers of Harmony Pub, and it evolved into a travel blog on Fridays. She also along the way was known to host pages dedicated to "Causes" which included Aids Awareness, Alzheimers, Breast Cancer, and Adult and Childhood Abuse. 

In 2008, she became friends with Francis Young, over a relatively short period of time this friendship developed into a deep passionate love and they were married. After their marriage in May of 2009, they decided to travel around the country and explore the United States. When Halkios heard this, he asked them to take the Diary of An Angel around the country. It has become their passion and gift to the world. It has been an experience of a lifetime. She has gotten to meet many of the people that she had met over the years on Myspace. Her ramble started out in February of 2009, when...



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