The Absence of Love

In times of certain rain, the clouds had took a faithful form
The cold breeze of winter, stroked suddenly my skin and gone,
I felt tender rise of sorrow, sadness, emptiness and pain
I closed my eyes and breathed the air of loneliness
The painful death of Truth


Where is Love


I wrapped around me the heavy cot of Solitude
Made of hard cloth of Fear and by the hand of Death himself
The illusion of Life have kept me waiting here

While I thought that Love was near

I am restless, alone and weak; oh I wonder
It is the winter of Hate, Deception and Remorse
Listen to me, hear the song of Sadness
I am cold; I have no place to go.


I was aware of your existence as it penetrated my thin lace of thought,
I felt your breath an air full of anger as it was the wind of Wrath Divine,
I was the Martyr of your exile, the loss of your wings of Fire and Water
I've whisper in your sense of SHIMON (to hear)...

"where is Love?"



Halkios (c)


Its color is indigo. Its name is Abyss. It is the second plane  of the sacred city, bathed in the hues of indigo. They are 13 gates in this plane, all leading to 13 different realms through a passage.



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