La Luna Plena

"La Luna Plena"

La luna llena (The full moon)

Enchanting mistress of the night, bathes us in her magical light

So many a mood does she know, often she casts an eerie glow

But she doesn't always aim to fright, sometimes when her hue's just right

She can plant seeds of love, and watch them grow from high above.

  Incandescent beauty bathes the scene, as wrapped in love, the lovers dream 

Magic is born on nights such as these, when loves elegant whisper is heard on a breeze

Cloaked in mystery she strikes up the band, orchestrating nature with the wave of her hand

She spins a weave, with gossamer thread, as she plants these seeds within your head.

  She whispers wild moss mantles and strawberry dartles

full wolf and hunter allure, snow and flower pure. 

She ripens tides in levitation, a flow of love's libations 

a stir of bloom to follow, a wake of passion's silver hollows. 

 Inspiring artists to paint and to write, to creative souls she is a delight

 You think that you own her but that is a lie, you can't trap her light even if you try 

Of lovers' affairs she knows everything although she's alone waiting for her king. 

She's always there even when she hides, celestial queen playing with the tides. 

 Fairy maidens smile up at her with delight, perched among trees, ready for flight 

Eager to bring wishes to all the earth, wings aflutter as to dreams they give birth 

She nods approval at all she commands, well pleased at the symphony of her hands

 Enchanting mistress of the night, will soon step down for dawn's first light.

[recorded on myspace in Eusthacia's blog on 8 Sep 2007  Full Moon’s Round Table | La Luna Plena]

by the

Poets Round Table no. 29 

with Players

DahliaRavin, Alba, EusthaciaDj Myke


[recorded on myspace in the Angel's Nest blog on 17 Sep 2007 Full Moon’s Round Table | La Luna Plena]

[Uploaded by  on Apr 23, 2008 on youtube in the Angel's Nest page  Full Moon’s Round Table  | La Luna Plena]

with the Music ofAK1200 Epic Lounge Mix

 "Rabbit in the Moon"

Photography by Halkios and from various Images of the Moon found through google

Halkoem, Video Art by Halkios

2007 © All Rights Reserved to the poetry by 

Alba, Eusthacia, 

Dj Myke, 



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