Thunderbuss in Arkansas 44

Message from Linda

"Hi, I’m Linda Cole. I am a 62 year old retired nurse. Married for 43 years to my wonderful husband Gib. He is a Baptist minister, and we have been in the ministry for 36 years. I have three beautiful daughters and 9 grandchildren. We pastor in the scenic Ozark foothills of Arkansas. My hobbies are baking birthday cakes every year for all my grandchildren, reading, sewing, making bows for my granddaughters’ hair, and crafts. I love working with the children and singing in church. I wrote my first poem when I was 57 years old; it opened up a new view, of this wondrous and colorful world we live in. Being selected by Halkios to be one of the 91 artists in the Diary, has been such an honor. Holding it in my hands the first time, brought tears to my eyes knowing that the words inside were from many of my online friends hearts." 

Notes from Mary

"At the foot of the Ozarks, just a few hours from Branson Missouri but on the Arkansas side, sits a small church, behind that church is a personage that holds an angel dear to my heart. The excitement I felt when we pulled up was like electricity in the air, I laughed for she was as excited as I when she rushed out the door and gave me the biggest hug. 

Linda and I have been friends for so many years, and this was the culmination of a trip planned before I knew I would be bringing her the Diary. The Diary was the icing on the cake, for this trip. Her husband Gib and Francis got on well, which is a good thing or they might have resented this visit for we were much like school girls on a trip together, except we did go to our own beds at the end of the evening. In my life I have met a few pastors’ wives who did their duty, but Linda lives her faith and truly seems to thrive on being a part of Gib's ministry. 

She is a retired nurse, and the mother of three grown daughters and eight grandchildren, but the spirit is still young and vital and so full of energy. Gib and Linda are so full of love, they are living proof that you can be in love after forty plus years of marriage, for their love lights up the room when they are together. 

The four of us had a delightful visit, that included a trip to Silver Dollar City in Branson MO. Being with Linda and Gib, your faith is just strengthened. However I knew that, for she is the one I call when I need a little bolstering or feel someone I love needs prayer. She is the big sister I wish I had been granted, but maybe like Francis I just had to wait until I was older to be blessed with one. This poet always sees her cup as half full, even if it takes a bit of work to see it that way, and she knows how to help her friends see their cups that way. I cannot tell you how Francis and I felt at home in their presence, or how good her cooking is. This was a delightful start to our holiday season this year. Her poetry always lifts my heart."

Her poem about Love...


 ~ Loves Euphoric Sway ~  by Linda

Moonlight cascading down, as in a candlelight’s soft glow
reflecting upon the rippling dark water far below
Mouths touching, softly seeking, rising passion in a kiss
Mind twirling and swirling, with thoughts of untold bliss
Cheeks flushed with desire, red as roses in first bloom

Euphoric sway in glittering star lights anteroom

Heart captured and bound, amid loves soaring flight
Embraced in your loving arms this glorious night




© All rights reserved to the poetry and writings by Linda Taylor Cole

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