Chapter XIII



My name is Kypros and I come from the Land of Venus. I am simple, young at heart willing to learn people and places; In the dominion of Man, I doted under a double cross I made myself; my life. Dreadless, I drank my fate, letting not a drop fall over the gown of my encomium. I encountered solitude in its most vandal aspect but I shed not a tear. I engendered without flinch, flirting with danger, following an instinct that allowed me to judge; ensnaring the ones I hated, surpassing the humdrum of being the common; I moralized my flaws; I set new laws and engaged in new roles. Within the echoes of others breathing, I searched for my own sound. I pleaded my Ego for justice, and I heard my own melody. From Quadrivium  to Trivium  I pried my past to confess, met my memories and for a first time I dreamt my equilibrium. And I found out who I was; A limbered element of Truth.

I am a man made of Copper. And as long as you hit me, I will make a sound. Traveling through Time, you will hear my cry. You can stretch me to infinity; you can change my color from red to green. But I am an infinite serpent that will survive eternity.

The name of Halkios derives from the word Χαλκός, which means copper, has the same numerical value of the word (kyprianos) Κυπριανός, which is 931, and it is my spiritual name, the name I use when I express myself through poetry, photography and video, the name I use when I express myself through Halkography. My lucky and sacred number is 13.


Opening the Door

Halkios will open all the other doors and last of his.  He contributed in the Diary by writing the prologue the epilogue and the poems concerning the Copper Child  in Chapter XIII. His quill is red and he received a red quill from Maryann Corrigan. It was the first quill of the project. Halkios sent out several quills to several artists. You can find more about the official campaign of the Diary of an Angel and about his journey in Cyprus called Odoiporiko (Οδοιπορικό) by clicking on Connect and Collaborate, on the left.


Halkios Door

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