St. george Cathedral - Village Kormakitis

Fifth trail in Cyprus

Trek: from Ancient Olive Trees to Kormakitis Village (Χωριό Κορμακίτη, Koruçam )

Date: 25th of September

Duration: 10h

Fifth Route: 30km




Track (25/9/13 9:49:05π.μ.)



Agia Eirini reservoir  / Akdeniz Reservoir (lake)


Agia Eirini or Agia Irini (Greek: Άγια Ειρήνη, Turkish: Akdeniz)


Meeting Erol Akcan


Korucam reservoir  area & Kormakitis Village (Greek: Κορμακίτης,  Maronit: ܟܘܪܡܐܟܝܬܝܣ, Turkish: Koruçam]


Odoiporiko / Fourth Day / Sixth Day




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