With Joanie and Craig

Message from Andrea

About Me,:  I was born and raised in Rhode Island, USA.  I love it here and will probably never live anywhere else.  I have three amazing kids and a hectic wonderful life.  

About Me and the Diary

I had the amazing privilege to hang out with the diary for two weeks.   I love the fading of the book, its wear, the physical representations of how many lives this book has touched, how many hands have gently opened that cover, eager to be a part of this treasure.   I feel so honored and lucky to have our lives imprinted upon these pages as well.


My Poem About Love

I wrote this watching my (now) middle daughter, just so in love with her and how she viewed the world.  


cheeks dimple
in awe of life.
Everything is new,
everything is special.
Laughter like a butterfly,
beautiful and effervescent,
and always just around the corner.


 <3 ya!  Andrea V-K


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