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About Aurora

I  was born on the 28th of August of 1968. I was 11 when I had my first love affair with writing. At a very young age of 11 I was already doing 15 second spiels for radio ads and voice over recordings for radio ads. When I entered high school, I started writing lyrics for songs used in our school plays and joined the drama club and the Glee club. But it wasn’t until I was in college that I formally started writing for the school paper. I was recommended to take a major in Journalism but we are a family of Accountants so I ended up taking a degree in Accounting. But my love for writing was something I could not shake off. During college, I made sure that writing will be part of my life. Unfortunately, instead of writing, I was given a camera to take photos and thus, my love for photography and the arts started. It wasn’t until I became an officer of a National organization that I was able to get into serious writing. I was one of the Associate Editors of the official newspaper of the National Federation of JPIA. Since I was active in the federation, I was also involved in a lot of projects and I traveled a lot giving me enough material for the paper. But at the young age of 17 my heart got badly broken and I became so disillusioned with everything including my writing. For the next 20 years, I would try and forget about writing and the art but I felt emptiness inside me that even the most prestigious academic awards could not fill.  But as my work experience would show, writing and the arts are never far behind. In 2004, I got tired of the fast pace life and decided to leave Marketing. It was also at this time that I started writing again. I went slowly went back to poetry and I found that I still have my love for writing. At first, I confined my writing in poetry writing groups at msn. It was also at this time that I started to learn and do digital art. But writing would always take first place in my heart and when a friend invited me to my space, I found so many writing groups but I almost gave up when my account got hacked and I found some of my work stolen from my blog. I even got accused of plagiarizing my own work.

Then I found The Pub and met so many wonderful people who helped me develop my writing even more. It was also during my stint at the Pub that I got my first published work. It was an article for an Asian bi-cultural magazine and I was ecstatic. Later on, I realized that I think I got taken advantage of because everyone involve in the article (photographer, etc) got paid except me. It didn’t matter because the feeling of seeing my name in the magazine was worth more than any money in the world.


© All rights reserved to the poetry and writings by Aurora Rulloda Narvaez aka Dawn





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