Tanju Konuralp

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Passage: The Journalist


Tanju met Halkios on the 4th of October 2013 and is due to sign in the Diary of an Angel  on the 5th  of October, 2013, in the City of Kyreneia, Cyprus at the Olive Festival. He wrote an article in a Cypriot Newspaper Yeniduezen about the Diary on the same day. Tanju is also a poet and below you will find some of his poetry (coming soon).



Tanju KONURALP was born in Kyrenia on April 4, 1984. He took his elementary education at the Girne 23 Nisan Elementary School and then went on to study at Girne Anafartalar Lisesi. He later was enrolled at Maltepe Military Highschool in İzmir which he stayed for two years and left after deciding that being a military officer was not meant for him. He completed his highschool education at Girne Anafartalar Lisesi and then went on to study journalism at Girne American University’s Press and Publishing Department. While he was a university student, he worked for North Cyprus Magazine and Cyprus Observer. Fort he last two years, he is has been a reporter for YENİDÜZEN newspaper which has one of the highest circulation in the country. Besides being a journalist, Konuralp also has hobies such as playing drums and guitar and also writes poetry and stories. Konuralp travelled a big part of Turkey and also visited Germany and The Netherlands. He is proficient in English.



Tanju and the Diary of an Angel

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