Message from Semra

I was born a twin with my sister Sevcan Cerkez in 1961 in a district of Cyprus called Kucuk Kaymaklı. We are the youngest of five. I’ve always been interested in art. Having had this instinctive urge led me into art as a profession. It has become the purpose of my life. After the high school years I have completed the academy of teacher ship and became a primary school teacher in 1985 and ever since then I’ve been teaching. Following many joint ones, I had my own personal exhibitions. We improved our art with my twin sister along with our skills. In the beginning, it was not able to get to the academy of fine arts due to the negative consequences of war times in Cyprus had affected us. However, no matter we may leave art, it never leave us. For that reason we’ve always been into art. Most of my caricatures have been published in many local papers as well as a comic which used to come out daily again in a local paper for many years. I illustrated the internal pictures of many school books from ministry of education. The main theme of my aquarelle and oil paintings are usually mankind, nature and love. As for oil painting I prefer a more surrealist approach. The outline of my out coming exhibition is the risk of extinction of Cypriot identity. I’m married with two children.


About Semra

In 1978 she finished the Turkish High School (Lefkoşa Türk Lisesi, Lefkoşa, KKTC ) in the capital of Nicosia, Cyprus and studied further in the Atatürk Academy for Teachers ( Atatürk Öğretmen Akademisi, Girne, KKTC ) in the city of Kyrenia ,Cyprus. She has in her past many project and exhibition below. Please also read her last interview at


Projects and Exhibitions


In 2011
29th April - 11th May 2011 Personal Exhibition, Nicosia


In 2000
Teacher Union, Joint Exhibition, Nicosia (Öğretmenler Sendikası, karma sergi, Lefkoşa)


In 1997
Personal Exhibition, Nicosia


In 1992
Joint Exhibition, Kyrenia


In 1986
Joint Exhibition, Nicosia


In 1982
Cyprus Art Magazine (Kıbrıs Sanat Dergisi) – Caricature Competition , 1st Prize

Between 1982 - 1984
Published a daily comic in a local paper


In 1988
Initiator of publishing Public Science Magazine (Halk bilimi Dergisi).
Becomes a member of publishing Committee


In 1990
Illustrated School Books of Traffic by Ministry of Education, Cyprus


In 2000
Illustrated Pre-Primary Books by Ministry of Education, 1st and 2nd volume
Illustrated the Book Cover of Pre-School Improvement Report by Ministry of Education, Cyprus


In 2006
Illustrated Social Studies - 5th Grade School Book by Cyprus Ministry of Education
Illustrated Social Studies - 7th Grade Geography School Book by Cyprus Ministry of Education
Illustrated a Fairy Tale Book named Süslü İsimli Masal Kitabı


In 2008

Illustrated Social Studies – Student Study and Practice Book (two volumes) for 2nd Grades by Cyprus Ministry of Education


In 2009

Illustrated Social Studies – Student Study and Practice Book (two volumes) for 1st Grades by Cyprus Ministry of Education

Also did many cover and poster illustrations for associations and magazines.




Between 1987- 1992

Member of Executive Committee - Cyprus Turkish Teachers Union


In 2008

Chairwoman for the Annual International Children Fair organised by the Cyprus Ministry of Education


Between 1980- 1992

Took charge in researches, theatres and ect. In Public Art Association (Halk Sanatları Derneği)



Notes from Halkios

I met Semra for a first time at the Gallery Argo in Nicosia. She came to join the first presentation of the Diary, one of its milestones two days before the beginning of its long journey through Cyprus. She came with her twin sister Sevcan Cerkez, so I met both that day. We ofcourse have talked, hours and hours during all summer of 2013, about meeting, her involvement with the project about her dreams.  Then we met again when I was touring the northern part of the island on the 25th of September and I found myself stranded in Kapouti & Ancient Olive Trees. Her husband came to pick me and I stayed in their home. It was the first time I came face to face with her excellent work; Her touch is indeed made of Love. In the eyes of the faces in the portraits you find the heart of her loving family. Please enjoy the galleries of images above and more on she got invloved with the Diary under : Semra Bayhanli.



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