"fall and rise,

together wise,

without disguise,

fiery angel with wings.

serpent 's eyes,

 wide open,

red like the fire,

that burns inside the soul"


Its color is Red. Its name is "Red". It is the last top plane on the top of the sacred city, bathed in the hues of red. They are 13 gates in this plane all leading to 13 different realms through a passage.



The Raven Meets The Copper Child (Cheryl Ann Darr aka Lady ~M ~)

The Boombox (Michael Todd aka DJ Myke (and the Boombox))

A Window To Love (Maryann Corrigan aka Why I Otter)

Another Land (Robert Mitchell)

Unconditional (David Melville)

The Fallen vs The Risen [Φιλοτιμία] (Alexis Kasnakis)

Angel Above My Piano (Fiona Joy Hawkins)

Australian Prince (Steven Castle aka Australian Prince)

Aurora (Aurora Rulloda Narvaez aka Dawn)

Noble Child (Takako Itoh aka "Takako" 孝子)

Safe By Your Side (Eric Bjarnason Martin aka ~Eb Martin~)

From Dawn till Dusk (Dusk)

The Copper Child (Halkios)

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