Behind the Veil by Cheryl Ann Darr


Twilight falls, realms unfold in the twinkling of an eye;

Faerie lights can be seen in the haze of the night sky

Winter’s frigid temperatures thins the veil between worlds;

In the misty haze, in twilight’s phase, another reality unfurls.


Primordial forest, lost kingdoms abide in thy boughs;

Symbiotic folk, within the trees, who’s hearth fires now glow.


Do you see us too as the veil between our worlds slide apart?

Do you hold contempt for the destruction of our world in your heart?


I gaze in wonder as the veil begins to shroud their realm once again;

Morning rays of dawn filter through the trees, another day begins.

I contemplate the beauty that we ignore every day in life’s course;

Wishing that I lived behind the veil in the twilight of a primordial forest.


© Copyright 2008 by Cheryl Ann Darr aka Lady ~M ~




Copyright  © 5764  / 2004. All Rights reserved to the concepts, writings, poetry, photography and video art by Halkios. All thoughts sealed long ago in a contract with the universe. No recreation of these scrolls, in any shape or means of force, is tolerable without articulate consent of the intrepid architect.